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Innovative Approaches: Creative Set and Sequence Combinations in Rummy

The core of online rummy depends on understanding different combinations of sets and sequences used in rummy. The player who has this skill and strategic understanding knows how to play rummy. It is an art that is built with experience and practice.

In this article, let us explore some of the innovative approaches, creative sets, sequences and combinations a rummy player must know.

How to Play Rummy?

Before directly diving into innovative approaches on how to play rummy with sets and sequences, let us first get an understanding of how to play rummy –

  1. Rummy is generally played with a minimum of two people, and the maximum number can be six. The number of decks is adjusted depending on the number of players. When there are two players, one deck is used, and each player is given 13 cards (this also depends on the type of rummy one is playing).
  2. Once each player gets 13 cards, i.e., 13*2=26 cards are distributed among players, leaving 26 exclusive of 2 Jokers in the deck pile. This deck pile is kept in front of players, and depending upon turns, each player draws, uses the card and discards another card to form valid sets and sequences.
  3. Among 13 cards, the general rule is to form one pure sequence of 3 or 4 cards. With other 10 to 11 cards, the player can form impure sequences/sets (using Joker) and 1 card is closed.
  4. Remember you need a minimum of two sequences and two sets for a valid declaration, and forming more than two sets is an invalid declaration.
  5. A pure sequence is the most critical part of rummy, where people lose points, so the focus should always be on pure sequence first.
  6. It is optional to create sets; you can only work with sequences if you want.
  7. You need to stick with the consecutive cards of the same suit when creating sequences.

 Creative Set and Sequence Combinations in Rummy

These are the list of creative sets and sequences you can form using 13 cards of rummy.

  1. Three pure sequences plus one impure sequence
  2. Two pure sequences plus two sets
  3. One pure sequence, two impure sequences and one set
  4. Two sets, one pure sequence and one impure sequence
  5. One pure sequence plus three impure sequences
  6. Three pure sequences plus one set
  7. Two pure sequences plus two impure sequences
When You Form Set When You Form Pure Sequences When You Form Impure Sequences
How To Make? You can make a set using 3 or 4 cards with and without a Joker. You can make a pure sequence using 3 or 4 cards. You can make an impure sequence using 3 or 4 cards.
Is It Mandatory? Creating a set with your cards is optional. It is mandatory to make a pure sequence for a valid declaration. Yes, for a sequence to be called impure, a Joker is used.
Use of Joker You can use Joker to form a set. No Joker can be used for pure sequence. Yes, Joker is used.
Example You can create a set using 4 or 3 kings or combine a Joker like if you have 2 kings, then use a Joker to make a third one. You can create a sequence of consequence cards from the same suit i.e., 3, 4, 5 of spade or KQJ of hearts, etc. If 7 is Joker and you have 2 and 4 of hearts. Then you can put 7 in the middle and make it 3 of heart to complete your sequence.


Having a good understanding of how to play rummy and how sequences and sets are created can bring you to closer winning. So, always believe in getting a better understanding before getting started with your journey of online rummy.