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Different Things You Can Try To Clear Blocked Drains In Your Business

When your workplace has a blocked drain, before you call out a plumber to try and clear it, there are some things you can do to help clear it and save some money. The best thing is prevention; if you have a blocked drain, it most likely means someone is putting something down the drain that they should not. Train your staff to dispose of things correctly, and you can help prevent this from occurring in your workplace. Below are a few things you can try to clear your drains which may work and save you from having to call out an expensive plumber.

Boiling Water

When you want to clear your blocked drain, a simple and affordable place to start is to try boiling water and pouring this down the affected drain. When you have fats and oils that congeal together, they can become hard and create a blockage, and the boiling water will loosen them and help to get things moving again. It will not work on nasty blockages, but it is worth trying when you notice a backup and water is not draining correctly.

Use A Plunger

Something that you can combine with your hot water is using a plunger to force air down the drain and try and free the blockage from your pipes. The hot water and plunger combination can release stubborn blockages and get them moving freely again, so your pipes will drain correctly. However, for more stubborn blockages, you can try other things that may work.

Bicarbonate Of Soda & Vinegar

You can also try using a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, which can help free blockages from your pipes so they can drain correctly. You need to mix equal parts of the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar together, which will start reacting and fizzing immediately. The fizzing action of the mixture can help break up blockages and remove gunk and grime that collects on the inside of the pipes, and if this does not work, you may need something stronger.

Drain Cleaner

You can also buy quality industrial drain unblocker to help get your sinks draining correctly, and there are various products available you can use. As these contain chemicals, you must read the instructions before using them and follow them precisely to increase the chances of it working. Hopefully, the drain cleaner will clear the blockage in your pipes and have them draining freely again, but if not, you may need to call on a plumber.

Call In A Plumber

If you have tried the above suggestions and are still having issues with your drains, you will want to call in a professional plumber and ensure you do not have something significant wrong with your pipes and drains. They can clear any blockages you may have and let you know the cause so you can help prevent it from happening again, and they can use their CCTV cameras to inspect your pipes and look for damage. It is the more expensive option, but you can guarantee that once they are done, your pipes and drains will be free-flowing again.

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